Problem with DNS setting Samba 4 alpha 5

kstan kstan79 at
Thu Jul 31 15:32:36 GMT 2008

在 2008-07-31四的 23:20 +1000,Andrew Bartlett写道:
> On Thu, 2008-07-31 at 12:47 +0000, ogy_hpower wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I have test the alpha 5 (actually i'm just a newbie inside this mailing list.)
> > Can somebody help me with the provision setup?:
> > 1) Differentiate between realm and domain
> Domain means the netbios name, realm is the dns based name. 
> > 2) Server role that can be support by the smb.conf
> >            - can it be additional domain controller? if can how to? 
> With an LDAP backend, it is possible (see request on this list to assist
> in making this automatic) to have multiple domain controllers.  
> > 3) I have this scenario; I have this samba 4 as the PDC; can i used
> > the win2k3 to be as the additional domain controller? i have used the
> > DCPROMO; at the end, it failed to synchronize. Is possible to make it?

> No.  We do not implement the required protocols. 
I know that the complete replication (include site-site and etc) is very
complex. Refer:

However, after windows 2003 promoted to new additional DC. I guess we
can do the manual replication (using RFC standard protocol) via Linux
ldaps->Windows AD ldaps, rsync Linux sysvol->Windows sysvol, and finally
Linux DNS to Windows DNS(Not AD integrated), is it possible (Of course
there is much more thing which is I can imagine now)?

> > 4) Until now, i still have problem to used the DNS, i'm using centos.
> > Can somebody guide me on this setting by example? I have follw the
> > instruction on how to at wiki but still failed on nslookup.
> I suggest you look closely at your DNS logs. 
What kind of problem u have?
> > 5) How about ACL used in samba 4? May i know smb.conf setting to make it success?
> Which part of ACL settings are you having trouble with?  (And yes, we
> know we have some less than ideal behaviours in the fileserver here).
> Andrew Bartlett

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