Allow parameter %u for PrintjobUsername instead of %U

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Thu Jul 17 14:50:58 GMT 2008

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 2:10 AM, boyang <boyang at> wrote:
>    The default value of szPrintjobUsername must be %u instead of %U to
> keep the case of the username. Otherwise, standard_sub_advance() and
> standard_sub_basic() have the same effect. That is to say, %U will always
> be substitued with lower-case username.
I only committed half your patch, which switched the advanced sub, so
that %u would be enabled, but I don't think we should change the
default.  Users can choose %u themselves.

(Bo, I know that we already discussed this, I just wanted to make the
response on this list as well.)

Jim McDonough
Samba Team
jmcd at samba dot org
jmcd at themcdonoughs dot org

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