An attempt to patent SMB-like protocols

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Thu Jul 17 12:23:21 GMT 2008

  Groklaw discussed this in an article at
about the expansion of the Peer-to-Patent project with the USPTO.

  The specific discussion is at
and the patent name is "Version control for application message models",
described as follows

Filing Date: November 14, 2006
Inventors: Kenneth W. Borgendale
Assignee: IBM
Current U.S. Classification: 709, 709/206000

Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for version control for application message models that include establishing, on a message sending device, a sender message model, the sender message model specifying a message format for interpreting application messages, the sender message model including one or more sender field specifications, each sender field specification specifying a message field for storing data in an application message, each sender field specification including sender field characteristics; calculating, by the message sending device, a sender version number for the sender message model in dependence upon the sender field characteristics of one or more of the sender field specifications of the sender message model; creating, by the message sending device, an application message according to the sender message model; and transmitting, by the message sending device to a message receiving device, the application message and the sender version number for the
 sender message model.

If you by any chance know of prior use by IBM and Microsoft that fits this
description, you just might want to bring it to the attention of (;-))

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