Inconsistant problem with Alpha5 and group policy

Chuck Short chuck.short at
Sat Jul 12 20:56:07 GMT 2008

Manu wrote:
> Hi Wes,
> I also experiment "file not found" errors when creating/editing GPOs.
> I found a few glitches as well with NT ACLs.
> I've been running Samba4 for a few weeks on a new test server, the good
> point is that the core application seems very reliable. It's a good file
> server for every day usage.
> Manu.
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>> Objet : Inconsistant problem with Alpha5 and group policy
>> Alpha 5 cleanly installed and working excellently.  AD join, new user
>> creation, profile creation, xattr, everything working great.  Fanstatic
>> work!
>> But I'm having an intermittent problem with assigning a group policy to an
>> OU.
>> Setup:
>> In the OU, "flamestrike", I have a single user ('carl'), that can log in,
>> log
>> out, and use the desktop (XP Pro SP2) fine.  I wanted to test the GPO
>> stuff
>> and we use roaming profiles here, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
>> Standard
>> setup, no GPO advanced editor or anything.  Right click on the OU ->
>> Properties -> GP -> New.  Worked as expected.  Renamed it, worked as
>> expected.  Hit "Edit" and got some random error.  I looked around; the
>> last
>> time I'd checked in the git pull, there was a problem with smbd not
>> answering
>> for the domain (just the machine) which won't work with the machine tries
>> to
>> access the GPO via \\domain.
>> Checked all the permissions; everything
>> in /usr/local/samba/var/locks/sysvol/Policies had good permissions and I
>> could get to it.  So I shut down XP, killed & restarted smbd, and booted
>> XP
>> back up.
>> And then it worked!
>> So I went into the editor and into folder redirection, set it...and it
>> failed.  "Network path not found."  Hit "OK" a few more times out of
>> spite,
>> they all failed again.  Rebooted, restarted smbd...and it worked again.
>> At
>> that point, I could set anything in the "User" GPO tree.  Moved to
>> the "System" tree to look around and it spazzed again.  "Network path not
>> found".  Closed everything, restarted, tried again, and now the GPO
>> refuses
>> to edit.
>> Luckily I captured the entire thing in Wireshark!  Of course, it's huge.
>> If
>> I'm going to send the error report (this has been a consistant problem for
>> me
>> for at least a few months, so I may be doing something wrong) what level
>> of
>> debug dump do you want from smbd, and where should I send the tshark &
>> debug
>> logs to?  (I can make available via http)
>> Thanks!  Excellent work, as always.
>> Wes

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