[PATCH] Support Setup[SetupCount] values in nttrans response packets

Sam Liddicott sam at liddicott.com
Tue Jul 1 12:06:27 GMT 2008

* Volker Lendecke wrote, On 23/06/08 04:40:
> On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 11:21:44AM +1000, David Disseldorp wrote:
>>> First a purely stylistic, trivial one: We're trying to
>>> standardize on uint16_t, not uint16 these days. For new code
>>> that should be the the one to use.
>>> Then another stylistic one: The do {} while variant of a
>>> loop is a bit cumbersome to read. Can we turn that into the
>>> old form again?
>> No problems, i'll change the areas above.
>>> And then a real question: You seem to send the setup
>>> portion of the reply in every partial nttrans reply packet.
>>> Is that the right way to do? I don't know how to trigger
>>> that with Windows, but it looks wrong to me.
>> Not sure, draft-leach-cifs-v1-spec-02 is vaugue in this regard.
>> As you say, triggering a multi packet nttrans server response
>> will be difficult. I'm not sure what the maximum security descriptor
>> size is, but i'd assume I wont be able to hit it using
>> QUERY_SECURITY_DESC. I'll do some investigation.
> Thanks!
> Sorry if I'm picky on that, this is really tricky code that
> we already had security bugs in in the past.
I've been triggering multi-packet nttrans responses, is there some
testing I can do for you?


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