slow file browsing with MS Office - reply_spnego_kerberos(250)

Wolfgang.968 wstahn at
Fri Jan 18 18:32:35 GMT 2008

I have a weird issue with Samba 3.0.10 on an MAC OS X Server 10.3.9 with AD

When accessing shares on the server from a Windows XP PC with explorer and
browse thru the folders, all works fine. 

If i try the same using the FileOpen dialog from within MS Office (Word,
Excel), the browsing (changing of folders up and down) is extremely slow.
Browsing this way, the Samba log on the server shows me lots of error
message of the form:

reply_spnego_kerberos(250) Username DOMAIN/COMPUTERNAME$ is invalid on this

I know, this is the AD machine account of the client pc. I've tried various
suggestions from the web, i.e. making the client pc computername all
uppercase, tried winbind separators /, +, _ , setting default_realm in
\Library\Preferences\ etc., nothing has helped yet.

Any ideas? Samba specialists out there, you are my last resort...


	getwd cache = yes
	workgroup = DOMAIN
	display charset = UTF-8-MAC
	print command = /usr/sbin/PrintServiceAccess printps %p %s
	lprm command = /usr/sbin/PrintServiceAccess remove %p %j
	security = ads
	guest account = unknown
	encrypt passwords = yes
	printing = BSD
	allow trusted domains = no
	preferred master = no
	lppause command = /usr/sbin/PrintServiceAccess hold %p %j
	netbios name = myserver
	wins support = no
	max smbd processes = 500
	printcap =  
	winbind cache time = 300
	server string = Mac OS X Server
	winbind enum users = yes
	lpresume command = /usr/sbin/PrintServiceAccess release %p %j
	client ntlmv2 auth = no
	domain logons = no
	winbind enum groups = yes
	lpq command = /usr/sbin/PrintServiceAccess jobs %p
	passdb backend = opendirectorysam
	dos charset = CP437
	unix charset = UTF-8-MAC
	auth methods = opendirectory
	local master = no
	use spnego = yes
	domain master = no
	map to guest = Never
	printer admin = @admin, @staff
	defer sharing violations = no
	winbind separator = +
	log level = 2
	oplocks = 0
	map archive = no
	path = /SHARES/TEST
	read only = no
	inherit permissions = 1
	strict locking = 0
	comment = macosx
	create mask = 0664
	guest ok = 0
	directory mask = 0775

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