rework is_offline()

Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Thu Jan 17 11:49:10 GMT 2008

Attached is a rework of VFS is_offline() function to only return boolean
offline/online result for a file.

This makes sense as upper levels are only taking returned result of 0
(no error) into consideration when deciding whether to mark file
offline/online as returned from is_offline.

That means that we simply can move the decision down to VFS module and
clean up upper levels so that they always see only file status. If there
is an error when trying to identify file status, then VFS module could
decide what to return (offline or online) by itself -- after all, it
ought to have system-specific knowledge anyway.

/ Alexander Bokovoy
Samba Team            
ALT Linux Team        
Midgard Project Ry    
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