PATCH samba cache and read-ahead

Amin Azez azez at
Thu Jan 3 11:07:04 GMT 2008

* Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote, On 14/11/07 13:57:
> ... Also we're
>   not free to extent the SMB protocol wildly. There's a reserved
>   range in the Trans2 sub opcodes, which could be used.
Do you mean in trans2.h:
/* These are the TRANS2 sub commands */
#define TRANSACT2_OPEN                        0

- It isn't clear which numbers were reserved; I guess I should define my
operations with a TRANSACT2_ prefix?

The only hint to reserved ranges is for :

/* UNIX CIFS Extensions - created by HP */
 * UNIX CIFS Extensions have the range 0x200 - 0x2FF reserved.
 * Supposedly Microsoft have agreed to this.
#define MIN_UNIX_INFO_LEVEL 0x200

but INFO_LEVEL seems to suggest something else not from the same range
that the TRANSCAT2_* opcodes occupy.

Nothing seems to be making use of the INFO_LEVEL_IS_UNIX macro (not that
smb caching is restricted to Unix anyway)

In short, I'm not able to be certain which TRANS2 sub command range I
can use, please could you offer some advice?
And should I use multiple TRANSACT2 sub opcodes, or make some sub-sub
opcodes do you think?



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