[PATCH/Samba 4] Static Makefile

Amin Azez azez at ufomechanic.net
Thu Feb 14 10:59:36 GMT 2008

* Jelmer Vernooij wrote, On 11/02/08 12:28:
> Hi,
> The attached patch changes Samba 4 to use a static Makefile rather than
> a generated one. Instead, the makefile includes a fragment with the
> definition of the various subsystems/libraries/binaries that is
> generated by smb_build. The include keyword is supported by all makes we
> need to support.
> This somewhat reduces the responsibilities of smb_build and it should
> make it easier to switch to a more Samba3-like system in the future,
> since we would just have to write a different data.mk.

Any objection if I add and "rpm" target to this (and no doubt Mezte a
"deb" target if he cares to).

I'm a great fan of "make rpm" and "make deb"


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