alternate data stream bug in Samba 3.2.1

lipson kevin.lisong at
Tue Aug 26 05:53:43 GMT 2008

Well, I'm trying to generate the log from valgrind. But before that, I was
really confused by the behaviors of module streams_xattr. Have you guy
tested the features of alternate data stream support in samba 3.2.1 ? 

Here is code snip I got from streams_xattr.c
   DEBUG(10, ("get_ea_value returned %s\n", nt_errstr(status)));

        if (!NT_STATUS_IS_OK(status)
            && !NT_STATUS_EQUAL(status, NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND)) {
                 * The base file is not there. This is an error even if we
                 * O_CREAT, the higher levels should have created the base
                 * file for us.
                DEBUG(10, ("streams_xattr_open: base file %s not around, "
                           "returning ENOENT\n", base));
                errno = ENOENT;
                goto fail;
Isn't it a little bit self-conflict about the semantic meaning of this snip

By the way, here is the log script of VFS on log level 10 . vfslog.ctdb 
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