backend provision samba4-ol-multimaster working

Michael Ströder michael at
Tue Aug 19 09:52:14 GMT 2008

Oliver Liebel wrote:
> parser.add_option("--ol-mmr-urls", type="string", metavar="LDAPSERVER",
>                help="List of LDAP-URLS [ ldap://<FQHN>:Port/  (with Port 
> <> 389) ]  separated with whitespaces for Use with OpenLDAP-MMR")

Simply mark ":Port" as being optional and mention default is 389.

BTW: Module 'ldapurl' from python-ldap could be handy (and can be used 

It also parses LDAP URL extensions. Extensions can be mapped to LDAP URL 
class attributes (e.g. 'bindname' to LDAPUrl.who).

Ciao, Michael.

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