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ogy_hpower ogy_hpower at
Wed Aug 6 04:17:02 GMT 2008

Hi all,

For smb.conf at samba 4 i cannot run all setting from samba 3.
So here i would like to use the samba 3 as the files server and samba 4 as the dc.

1) I try to bind with the server to collect user; it is fail.
    -run wbinfo -u or -g error looking domain.
    -time setting is correct.
    -samba 3 is the member server of the samba 4 using 'net ads join'
    -when user want to access the server it prompt the password.
    -did somebody have try this before?
2)I'm making shares folder from win2k3 pc.
    -pc already joint the samba domain
    -shares already set the security
    -when i check the effective permission; it display 'windows cannot calculate the permission for $USER'.
    -can this problem be solved?
3)I have 1 xp pc with current name 'jojo'
    -i can joint the pc with my requested name like 'test-1' to samba4
    -i can browse the pc under my network with 'test-1'
    -but under the domain tree;under dsa.msc tools i see the computer was joint under old name 'jojo'; when i check the details the dns-domain name is correct 'test-1'
    -is it have any way to correct this? after i'm doing rejoint back; it still pointed the old name to the tree.

For Andrew and kstan, thanks for your reply on DNS problem. I will check to use SAMBA4 +LDAPbackend.


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