Attention all coders: Samba v3-3-test branch created

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Fri Apr 25 14:17:27 GMT 2008

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To clarify this some:

Please treat v3-2-test as you would v3-0-test.  Just keep working
in the v3-3-test branch as normal.

I realize that v3-2-stable and v3-2-test have diverged some already
and will be manually reviewing the diffs to bring the two back
in line together.  I'll post work early next week on this.
Hopefully it won't be too hard.  We probably should have branched
earlier.  Live and learn.

Thanks all.

cheers, jerry

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Folks,
> The v3-2 code base is officially frozen now.  Karolin is finishing
> the 3.2.0pre3 release.  I've branched the  v3-2-test to v3-3-test.
> All future work should go in this branch which will become the
> November release.
> All future check-ins to the 3-2-test branch must meet the agreed
> upon criteria of:
>      1. Has an bug report on file,
>      2. Fixes either a crash, compile, error regression, or
>         issue that renders a feature unusable.  The last being
>         more vague and up for discussion based on the amount
>         of change necessary
>      3. Have a fairly low risk of introducing a regression
>      4. Passes "make test"
> Thanks again to Karolin for her hard work on the 3.2.0 release
> preparation.
> cheers, jerry

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