Proposal to remove wbinfo --sequence

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Apr 22 22:03:58 GMT 2008

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Metze and I discussed the sequence number stuff in Winbind
and both agree that the wbinfo --sequence call is fairly useless.

Attached are a pair of patches that xtend the struct wbcDOmainInfo
in the libwbclient API to include the OFFLINE status of domains.
This also includes a "wbinfo --online-status" command
and deprecates the "wbinfo --sequence" operation.

The only thing failing is that the main parent Winbind daemon
does not know the status of all domains.  I could follow the
path that wmbcontrol did and use messages.  I'm wondering if
we should store a online/offline record for each domain rather
than requiring each child process to figure it out.  But this
is more work and too much for right now.

If ppl agree then I will find some existing way to actually
report the online/offline status in the next patch.

Please review.  Thanks.

cheers, jerry
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