ZFS ACL...buggy behaviour

Michael Adam ma at sernet.de
Wed Oct 17 20:34:13 GMT 2007

Hi Nicolas,

On Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 04:51:01PM +0200, Nicolas Dorfsman wrote:
> Ok. Things are becoming clear.
> zfsacl module is too light.
> I need to add some handler OR to modify solarisacl module.

The zfs acl module should be activated on a share with
underlying file system zfs by putting "vfs objects = zfsacl"
into the share definition in smb.conf.

The solarisacl is the solaris implementation of posix acls
this is a backend for posix acl support. The zfs acl
implementation is one of nfsv4 acls, so there should be
no need to touch or even use the solarisacl module.
(It will be statically linked on solaris platforms, though.)

> Investigations in progress....

Would you mind filing a bug report on bugzilla.samba.org ?
With your smb.conf, the exact samba version you are using,
description of your filesystem setup, a debug level 10 
log.smbd of a corrupting access to the files with the windows 
acl editor, and exact description of the phenomena observed.

The zfs acl module is still pretty new and definitely needs
testing. Your report could help improving it!

You should also know that the nfsv4 acl module, on which the
zfs acl module depends, is currently being worked on. 

Thanks - Michael

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