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Mon Oct 15 23:15:45 GMT 2007

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Volker Lendecke wrote:

> Let me raise a question: Part of the move to git was to get
> better peer review. Jerry's first proposal was that only the
> release manager would push to -test. This raised some
> concerns, so we ended up with the whole team being able to
> check into -test. As an intermediate towards having only
> the release manager push into -test, what about having
> someone but the patch author push into -test? The problem of
> incorrect "git blame" assignments is gone if you do a git
> format-patch | git am -3; git push.

Volker, This at least might make us more sympathetic to other
developers. :-)

The main problem I see is that no one is on the hook for
making sure someone else's patches are committed.  So it's
easy for things to get dropped.  An interim possibility that
does require some ownership is to always send patches to
an owner (or co-owner) of the original code being fixed.
Or in the case of new code, to the person most active in
maintaining that feature.  (Hint: a subsystem maintainer

We tend to do this anyways so I expect things will continue
to evolve along this route as we move forward.

cheers, jerry

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