compressed readx style question

Amin Azez azez at
Mon Oct 15 16:35:57 GMT 2007

* Amin Azez wrote, On 15/10/07 16:44:
> Please save me if I'm making a bad mistake here, I need help on a matter
> of style.
> I'm arranging compression of read/write data between instances of samba;
> one as client and the other as server.
> In any case compressed transfers will have been negotiated at the
> session level, but we need to indicate with file read/write that it is
> employed for a given transfer.
> Should I invent my own read level/message like:
> or should I just butcher the ->data contents in
> smb_raw_read_send/smb_raw_read_recv (possibly causing heart attacks for
> ethereal and other wire sniffers if the link is not encrypted)
> or should I start adding extra fields to the VWV in the smb_raw_* functions?
> Sam
I considered to use

in rawreadwrite.c in cases when:
indicating that the client and server are in mutual agreement, but there
is no compaction_mode option for write, not even in the WVW message
format, so I think this won't do.

So for now I am doing it purely based on the session negotiated stuff
(although I can't get that working so it's a share config option)


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