Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sat Oct 13 22:24:12 GMT 2007

In nmbd_packets.c: reply_netbios_packet() the RR_TYPE_NULL (0x000a) type is
used for a variety of query response packets.  I don't think that this is
correct, and I know it doesn't match what I see from Windows systems.

In a positive query response the RR_TYPE should be NB (0x0020), not NULL.

For a negative name query response, RFC1002 says that RR_TYPE_NULL should be
used but Windows returns RR_TYPE_NB and so do older versions of Samba.

For a WACK, the RFC is unclear.  The diagram in section 4.2.16 says "NULL
(0x0020)", which is obviously a contradiction.  I have some old captures I
did while writing my book that show a Windows WINS server sending back type
NB (0x0020).

At minimum, the positive name query response should be sending back type NB,
not NULL.  The query reply information is stored in a type NB structure.

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