rid backend seems to be initialized twice?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Oct 13 15:23:25 GMT 2007

Hash: SHA1

simo wrote:

> Nice, command, I assume you imply making an unrelated commit is the way
> to go, or should I do this after git-cherry-pick fails and ask me to
> resolve conflicts?
> This I guess would keep the following change linked to my original
> commit to v3-0-test, is there any value in trying to keep the commits
> related?

git-merge merges all commits to each commit maintains the original
SHA1 hash.  But git-cherry-pick simply does a diff/patch and commits
using the original committer information (including timestamp).  But
the cherry-picked hash is almost always different (haven't tried
cherry-picking HEAD from same tree to see if the SHA! hash is the

In these cases, you ported a fix from another branch so it is
not a merge of the original fix and I think it is more confusing
to try to associate it with the original change since the patch
is against different files.

This is one major reason why I would like to see us move away from
all the file reorganization that people like to do so often.

cheers, jerry
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