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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Oct 8 11:55:11 GMT 2007

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> I still very much hope to watch the trial/experiment run, 
> and like any good experiment I would like to see it be assessed
> against a set of written goals.  Despite your apprehensions, I
> do hope the git transformation is a success, and if we can
> see it meeting a set of written goals, it will be easier to
> show that.

Just to be clear, I don't have apprehensions.  Not sure why
you are saying that.  I said I understand "your apprehensions".

> In terms of process, while it seems implied in the git 
> migration that there is a rather different process for
> getting features into a release,

I have explained this several times.  I do not believe that
the process is implied, but explicitly defined.  If there is
something you still don't understand, please articulate a
specific question.

> The final criteria I would asses the migration against (on 
> top of those I listed before) is for the git migration support
> is to still have an anonymous SVN checkout.  We discussed this
> only briefly at the team meeting, and I still feel it provides
> an excellent way for users to track the current tree, without
> yet another toolset.

Someone pointed out (perhaps Tridge) that the ~ftp/pub/unpacked
area is sufficient for this.  If someone really wants history,
then there is gitweb as well as simply cloning the repo.  So
I'm not generating an anonymous svn repo of any branches.

cheers, jerry
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