Update on git conversion

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Oct 6 14:45:35 GMT 2007

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> Hmm, perhaps we should have defined the success conditions for this?

Simply put: If the majority of Samba developers that use the new
git repositories consider it to be an inhibitor to development, I
will migrate everything back to svn.  But if you don't participate,
I don't think that it's fair help make that decision.  Maybe others
feel differently.  I will gladly go with whatever the majority
decides.  I'm only doing this work because I honestly believe it
will help to grow the number of Samba developers in the community.

But tools do not solve social problems.  They can enable people
to overcome social obstacles, but in the end tools don't build
communities.  People can use those tools to build communities.
But the growth is up to the people, not the tools.

I understand your apprehension and since you have opted out of
the experiment, we can just leave it at that.  All I ask is that
you keep an open mind.

cheers, jerry
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