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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Oct 6 09:42:54 GMT 2007

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> What happened to this being an experiment, for us all to 
> assess at the end of a couple of months?  I'm a bit lost at
> what changed from when we discussed this, sorry.

Yes. We agreed to a four week or so probationary period.  That
has not changed.  But I would not have proposed the migration
had I expected it to fail.  And I am not approaching it as such.
Git would literally have to loose our data IMO for this to fail.
But it seems that you are less enthusiastic and optimistic than I.

The model we are moving to is very similar to what we have now
in the 3.x branches.

* v3-2-unstable is SAMBA_3_2
* v3-2-test is SAMBA_3_2_0
* v3-2-stable is SAMBA_3_2_RELEASE

The change in workflow means that individual developers no longer
have to do dual checkins to SAMBA_3_2 and SAMBA_3_2_0, only to
the *-unstable branch.  git-merge (or git-cherry-pick) are far
superior to "svn merge" in my experience.  So we can have a policy
that keeps *-test in a more stable state without the half finished
work.  And therefore *-stable is truly "stable".  And by having a
rolling *-stable tree which can move towards time based releases

But the real advantage is that others can now freely participate
in the full development cycle because the distinction between core
and non-core is gone.  What matters is code quality alone.

>> There are non-technical reasons to move to git that you should
>> consider as well.  But you guys decide what you want to do.
> I keep getting this hand-waving, and keep missing what
> you mean.  Care to give me a clue?

It's no hand waving.  Trust me on this one.  But I'm not going
to risk the git migration by becoming involved in what could be
viewed as political issues.

Have to head out for my morning run now.  Later.

cheers, jerry
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