[RFC] Reasonable timeframe to review git repos and workflow?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Oct 5 13:17:19 GMT 2007

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Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:

> I just found that some (mostly all) tags from the cvsimport 
> are missing.

I mentioned that already.  They are actually in the cvsimport I
have here.  But don't show up when you clone.  I'm still looking
into it.  The tags are listed in packed-refs file.  It might the
git-fast-import that cvs2svn used.  I have an idea to fix that.

> Also there are some useless tags like:
> 're'
> 'pidl-1'
> 'samba4'
> 'DAY_ZERO-*'
> 'SOC-jelmer'
> 'trunk-final-update'
> maybe also 'release-3-1-0'

These are real tags in svn so I don't think I would call
them useless.  For example, the trunk-final-update tag
was when we killed trunk and add the svn:externals links
to SAMBA_3_0.  The DAY_ZERO stuff is unneeded now, but
has no harm in staying put in the cvs/svn import tree for

> And the release-4-0-0tp1 is missing.

You're right.  Now that's odd.  I'll check.

> It would be perfect if we could:
> - all cvs release-* tags

See above.  Definitely doable.

> - have the email addresses also for cvs commits

I can probably fix this as well just by assuming
<$author at samba.org>.

> - have a fully reconstructed history for all
>   svn based tags, so that the CVSIN commits will
>   go complete out of the repository.

CVSIN is gone in the grafted branches.  Are you looking at the
imported the trees?  Or the grafted ones?

> watch gitk --all
> And much perfect would be to fix tridges commit messages
> which mostly start with an empty line...

Pretty sure this is fixable by editing the svn revprop files.

cheers, jerry
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