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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Oct 4 13:56:28 GMT 2007

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Hey metze,

> I think we should have a more detailed discussion after (0)
> as I assume not everyone (including me) understand what you
> propose as work flow.
> Maybe it would be useful to do the whole migration in 2 steps.
> First replace svn by git just technical, without changing the workflow
> at all (still having a central upstream repository), so that everybody
> can learn just git or cogito as tools. Then when as second step change
> the work flow.

I agree that the workflow has to be well understood by everyone.
I'm working on that.  I don't see adopting the push model as necessary
for people to become comfortable with the technical workings
of the tool itself though.  Simply cloning a repo allows all
the opportunities to work in local branches.  But that's just

> I think (2) should really be the last step and the build-farm
> should be able to handle git repos first, I can look at this when we
> have passed (1).

I don't want to have to continually do incremental updates
from svn to git once the migrated repo has been signed off on.
Just give me a bit more time to line things up.  I'll post a
draft repo of 2-2, 3-0, 3-2, and 4-0 as well as a short HOWTO
for discussion.

> Before going online with the new git repo, we should
> make sure it's perfect for us...What I mean here is
> we need to think about git submodule, we wanted to use for
> talloc, tdb, ldb, libreplace...

That's not necessary initially.  Directories can be replaced
by a submodule later on in my experience but I'll go back and
double check again.

Also, I think you need to check with Andrew B. about his plans
for svn and SAMBA_4_0.

cheers, jerry

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