Questions about freeRADIUS+samba+redundancy AD

Hangjun He elmerhe at
Thu Nov 8 02:21:25 GMT 2007

I used samba3.0.1 and freeRADIUS1.1.6  to talk with Active-directory. It

 can work well. Followed by wiki:


Now I want to set up primary and backup domain controllers.

When primary DC goes down backup DC will take over authentication. 

But winbindd/net/ntlm_auth can not switch to backup DC.

I think it is because I set the primary DC's

 hostname/IP in smb.conf.

>           "password server = WIN2003-SERVER1 " .

Also set primary DC's hostname in krb5.conf  realms section.

>            " kdc = WIN2003-SERVER1:88"


So they cannot switch to win2003-server2.


Can samba support Redundancy DC? How to do?





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