first swipe at ctdb spec file

tridge at tridge at
Sun May 27 23:48:43 GMT 2007


 > You can find my first swipe at the ctdb specfile (and other junk it
 > requires) at


 > Tridge, are you really interested in keeping the ctdb and clustered samba 3
 > specs separated?

yes, I think so. There is nothing Samba specific in ctdb (though the
reverse is not true) so I think it is probably best to have two
separate packages. 

 > Are you interested in placing _any_ files on the clustered
 > storage?

yes. In the setup we are testing at the moment we have the following
files in shared storage:

 - all of private dir
 - idmap:db
 - smb.conf
 - cluster_nodes.txt
 - cluster_addresses.txt
 - public_addresses.txt

The first two are via smb.conf options, so no need for special
handling in spec files. For the moment smb.conf is a symlink to shared
storage. The 3 ctdb config files can be pointed to by the startup

Probably for a Linux system we should have a /etc/sysconfig/ctdb file
which looks something like this:


then make the ctdb init script source that file and build the
appropriate command line (also building cluster_addresses.txt, using a
tmp file and mv).

Cheers, Tridge

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