first swipe at ctdb spec file

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Sun May 27 21:30:51 GMT 2007

You can find my first swipe at the ctdb specfile (and other junk it
requires) at

I had to change just a tad, plus added the packaging directory.
The layout here is a bit different that Samba, since it has no source/ dir.

Tridge, are you really interested in keeping the ctdb and clustered samba 3
specs separated?  Are you interested in placing _any_ files on the clustered
storage?  And if so, should it be done via symlinks, or should we be
overriding anything in config files (since at build time we won't know the
destination directories for anything on shared storage)?  For the current
ctdb, it seems nothing is stored in config files except a list of nodes, and
a list of public addresses, correct?

I'll put a working samba_3_0_ctdb build setup on bzr tomorrow.

Jim McDonough
Samba Team
jmcd at samba dot org

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