Samba and Vista with IPv6 Presentation

Dan Shearer dan at
Thu May 24 17:08:29 GMT 2007

On Thu, May 24, 2007 at 05:51:19PM +0100, David Holder wrote:
> I have put a PDF of my talk up on one of our web-sites at
> I had thought it would appear on but it hasn't yet.

The key sentences I took away from the talk were:

    Vista will only contact Active Directory DC over IPv6


    Altho Samba3 works over IPv6, it won't work as a DC

> I have logged a number of bugs regarding IPv6 and I still have quite a
> number to log. I'm very happy to answer questions regarding IPv6 and to try
> and help in this area if I can. I am very interested to hear from anyone is
> also working with IPv6 and Samba.

Can I suggest you submit your patch(s) to the relevant bug(s), unless I
was misreading you haven't done that yet.

Dan Shearer
dan at

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