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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Mon May 7 11:58:56 GMT 2007

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simo wrote:

> Yes, the cache should help, but there are still some backends 
> that can safely be queried when offline.

I spent some more time thinking about this and it doesn't
really matter.    For example, idmap_nss is really only
needed by applications that deal in tokens like smbd.
The offlne logon geature is strictly for use by PAM
enabled applications,  And in that case, the process will
only deal in gids.  So if a user has logged in once
(which he or she must have in order to logon while offline),
the the appropriate SID/uid/gid mappings have been cached.
Same thing fro idmap_passdb.

idmap_rid should not be used for SIDs that you cannot
determine the type for which means that by definition you
have already cached that information as well.

I think you are dealing in theoreticals without actually
having tested a working system.

> In fact you shouldn't allocate if you are not able to 
> validate the SID. When offline allocation functions should
> probably not be called (previously the validation code
> was in idmap so it was easy to avoid problems ...)

You misunderstand the design of the offline logon feature
then.  The basic premise is that the core winbindd code does
not change.  So we don't have to have special code in each
winbindd API call (auth being the exception).  The cache manager
must be able to answer the query without calling the underlying
backends which are not guaranteed to work offline.  The fact
that some can is irrelevant.  The idmap cache manager must
not be required to know which ones can and which one cannot.
This is why you cannot delete expired entries from the
idmap_cache.tdb as you were previously doing.

After I've finished regression testing in the next day or so,
if you can give me a specific example where it is necessary
to actually call into an idmap backend while offline to make
something work wecan deal with that case.  But talking about
theoretical possibilities leads to bloated code.

cheers, jerry
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