Currently on 3.0.10 and want to upgrade to 3.0.25a

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Tue Jun 26 17:15:45 GMT 2007

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>Subject: Currently on 3.0.10 and want to upgrade to 3.0.25a  
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>First, can I make a jump that far? Second, when I untar'd the
>opt-samba-3.0.25a-AIX.tar I only got one .bff file. Is this all there

You need the base too.

>is? Seems to me to be a big jump. Does 25a have all of the changes


>needed between 10 and 25a? I've never installed samba and don't know
>much about it. Do I need to remove 3.0.10 first. I didn't see that on

You can remove the old version *AFTER* you've performed the upgrade. If you're looking for continuity between versions, you'll need


Unless, of course, you're setup for LDAP, then you should only need:


But don't throw anything away until you know that your environment is still working as expected.

You may also want to review the release notes on the Samba site since a *lot* has changed over the last 15+ updates. :-)

>the instructions. I'm all set to install on a test box, but, I'm afraid
>to pull the trigger. 

"You know what to do with that gun, Doc." :-)



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