Short HOWTO on using git for Samba development

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Mon Jun 25 14:02:15 GMT 2007

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simo wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-06-24 at 17:34 -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Now we miss only mercurial :-)

True.  I haven't tried mercurial.  But I will say that the
memory and space requirements (in addition to the better speed)
of git have displaced bzr on my list currently.  Git has a
a steep learning curve, but here are some space numbers that
make up for it IMO.

  $ du -sh /data/src/mirror/*/*
  43M     bzr/SAMBA_3_0_23.bzr
  42M     bzr/SAMBA_3_0_24.bzr
  53M     bzr/SAMBA_3_0_25.bzr
  56M     bzr/SAMBA_3_0_26.bzr
  99M     bzr/SAMBA_3_0.bzr
  58M     bzr/SAMBA_3_0-lightweight.bzr
  60M     bzr/SAMBA_3_0_RELEASE.bzr
  312M    bzr/SAMBA_4_0.bzr
  257M    git/samba
  558M    svn/samba

The git repo is a full mirror of the svn repo starting at r1 and is
almost 1/2 the space of the svn repo.  I might could squeeze some
more space savings with various pack options.

The git tree I posted has the 3.0.23 - 3.0.26, 3.0 and 4.0 branches
and is less than 100M (1/3 of the SAMBA_4_0 bzr mirror alone).  And
to pull that tree at home (basic broadband) is about 3 minutes.

  $ time git clone git:// samba-test.git
  Initialized empty Git repository in .../samba-test.git/.git/
  remote: Generating pack...
  remote: Done counting 170913 objects.
  remote: Deltifying 170913 objects.
  remote:  100% (170913/170913) done
  Indexing 170913 objects...
  remote: Total 170913, written 170913 (delta 131520),
   reused 166156   (delta 130375)
   100% (170913/170913) done
  Resolving 131520 deltas...
   100% (131520/131520) done

  real    2m45.454s
  user    0m17.909s
  sys     0m2.808s

If we were to swap to git, the full svn import would be < 160M
so the pull be only be slightly longer.

cheers, jerry
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