first swipe at ctdb spec file

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Mon Jun 4 04:38:17 GMT 2007

ronnie sahlberg wrote:
> There is currently no pCIFS   so I "took" the name. :-)


It's a good name to take, but...
- I think it'll cause some people to confuse the behavior of your pCIFS
  with that of pNFS.
- As I mentioned, Peter Bram did put out something (a proposal, at least)
  using the name pCIFS.  People in the pNFS community are using the name
  pCIFS when they talk about something that'd behave like pNFS.

As with the "Samba" name, my guess is that something better will come along.

> please try it out.
> it is pretty cool stuff.

I hope to do so.  It's all about available time and (at the moment)
customers.  :)

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