first swipe at ctdb spec file

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Sun Jun 3 19:13:49 GMT 2007

ronnie sahlberg wrote:
> Hi Chris,

Hi, Ronnie.

> CTDB is, as always, in flux but a few good places to start at would be
> which would describe how to set up a cluster with pCIFS

Quick question:  is this the pCIFS that Peter Brahm started working on a few
years back or something different?

> You do need at least two physical nodes and a cluster filesystem that
> provides a shared storage for the two nodes.

I'm interested in the API at present.

> Please feel free to help us improve the wiki and also we would love to
> hear from experiences using other cluster filesystems for the backend
> than the one we are primarily testing on.

I'm working with the folks who wrote GFS for Linux.  Our focus is elsewhere
at the moment but I will keep this in mind.

> Have fun. This is the next big thing.

Looks like it.  :)

Chris -)-----
PS.  I've been playing with Microsoft's BITS protocol.  WireShark could
     use a dissector for this.  (Should be easy.)

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