Tough question: errors while cross compiling to MIPS

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Thu Jul 19 04:21:53 GMT 2007

On 18/07/2007, at 10:11 AM, Luther138 wrote:

> First of all let me say thank you for the response James, getting  
> this thing
> going is like pulling teeth for me and your help is greatly  
> appretiated.
> James Peach-3 wrote:
>> The right way to do this is to create a file to preset  
>> the
>> result of any configure test that depends on the result of an
> I cleaned it up a bit by instead of editing the configure I just  
> export the
> variables before hand.  I tried to look into the AC_TRY_RUN  
> function but I
> couldn't find any clear examples of how to use it, mainly I am  
> confused at
> what I am supposed to put in the "program" section, could you give  
> me or do
> you know where I can find a decent example of this being used in a

You don't need to alter the AC_TRY_RUN. AC_TRY_RUN are just the  
configure tests that won't get a correct result when the build arch  
is not the same as the target arch. Take a look at and  
search out the AC_TRY_RUN checks. These will all be wrapped in an an  
AC_CACHE_CHECK. The second argument to the AC_CACHE_CHECK macro is  
the name of the variable whose value you need to preload.

Here is the first few line from the that I use:


You would then run configure like this: ./configure ---blab --blah

> James Peach-3 wrote:
>> You need to figure out which configure variable has the result of the
>> Linux lease support and preset it's value in
> What exactly do you mean by the above statement, my issue...
> modules/vfs_default.o: In function `vfswrap_linux_setlease':
> vfs_default.c:(.text+0x102c): undefined reference to
> `linux_set_lease_sighandler'
> vfs_default.c:(.text+0x104c): undefined reference to `linux_setlease'
> ...almost doesn't seem related to the configure.  Those functions are
> defined in oplock_linux.c which doesn't seem to be getting compiled
> properly(or not at all).  The only variable that comes close to  
> looking like
> it it affects it in the configure is:
> rt_signal_lease_ok=yes
> which I somehow doubt is what I am looking for.  Any idea what I  
> should be
> looking for?

Set samba_cv_HAVE_KERNEL_OPLOCKS_LINUX=no in your If  
this doesn't let you build, then it's a bug.

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