Tough question: errors while cross compiling to MIPS

Luther138 barrowsr at
Wed Jul 18 17:11:52 GMT 2007

First of all let me say thank you for the response James, getting this thing
going is like pulling teeth for me and your help is greatly appretiated.

James Peach-3 wrote:
> The right way to do this is to create a file to preset the  
> result of any configure test that depends on the result of an  

I cleaned it up a bit by instead of editing the configure I just export the
variables before hand.  I tried to look into the AC_TRY_RUN function but I
couldn't find any clear examples of how to use it, mainly I am confused at
what I am supposed to put in the "program" section, could you give me or do
you know where I can find a decent example of this being used in a

James Peach-3 wrote:
> You need to figure out which configure variable has the result of the  
> Linux lease support and preset it's value in

What exactly do you mean by the above statement, my issue...

modules/vfs_default.o: In function `vfswrap_linux_setlease':
vfs_default.c:(.text+0x102c): undefined reference to
vfs_default.c:(.text+0x104c): undefined reference to `linux_setlease'

...almost doesn't seem related to the configure.  Those functions are
defined in oplock_linux.c which doesn't seem to be getting compiled
properly(or not at all).  The only variable that comes close to looking like
it it affects it in the configure is:
which I somehow doubt is what I am looking for.  Any idea what I should be
looking for?

Thank you again,

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