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Sun Jan 21 01:46:21 GMT 2007

simo <idra at> writes:

>> I believe that is a bug in the tree implementation.  I have it on my to-do
>> list to fix that.  (I do much of the Tree code maintenance.)  You needn't
>> worry about it; it's not specific to this application.  When I get it fixed,
>> I'll incorporate the fix into Samba.  (Ping me in a couple of weeks if it's
>> not yet done.)
> But the API Documentation do not show this bug, what's different there?

Good question.  I'll take a look.  I have heard of others having a similar
problem, so there may be something that we are doing in LdbBrowse (and others
do in their apps) that causes it.  I'll let you know.

>> > I think (not tested) that ones an object is loaded it is never
>> > refreshed, is there an easy way to do it? is it possible to add an icon
>> > to the label so that when you click that icon the object is actually
>> > refreshed ? What if I delete an object in the ldb db? can I remove just
>> > the objet from the tree an count on the fact that all children will
>> > automatically be removed and resources be freed?
>> IIRC, I trap the TreeOpenWhileEmpty event, and load the data then.  You
>> could certainly trap also the TreeOpenWithContent event and see if anything
>> has changed.
> Ok, I wasn't sure if that was fired at every open, good to know.

Well the currently used event (TreeOpenWhileEmpty) is *not* fired at every
open, since only on the first open is that branch empty.  The event handler
for TreeOpenWhileEmpty adds children to that branch, so if you close it and
re-open it (without deleting its contents at some intervening time), the
TreeOpenWithContent event will fire, not the TreeOpenWhileEmpty event.

>> You should also be able to add a handler for an icon to refresh the data.
> Do you have any example on how to do this?
> I find the docs on very limited, without any example on how
> to use the various widgets effectively. For example it took me a lot of
> time to understand (and only partially) how to make LdifViewer
> auto-resize and stay within the boundaries of the page (and I am still
> not much satisfied).

Uggh!  You're trying to do this without any code to reference?  That's fairly
painful!  You'll definitely want to be looking at all of the sample programs.
Sorry I neglected to point you to these earlier!  Look in:


You should find just about everything you need in the example directory.
There are examples, there, for just about all widgets, and some combined ones.
The test directory contains some obscure stuff, but if you're not getting what
you need from the examples for the widget, you may well find something useful
in the test directory.

Note that the examples still use the outdated application style, with html and
javascript mixed in the same file.  Correcting that is planned for Real Soon
Now (tm), I understand.  That should not at all effect you using them as
reference, however.



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