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derrell at derrell at
Sat Jan 20 19:38:29 GMT 2007

idra at writes:

> Change the way searches are performed, also change a bit the layouts Derrel
> I am experimenting, let me know if you see anything really disgusting :)

Nothing disgusting, just a few comments on ldifViewer, all of which are to
stick with the qooxdoo standard.  I've maintained these in the Samba code
because it makes it much easier to refer back to qooxdoo source code and have
the same style.

- The namespace is all lower case, and class names should be camel-case
  beginning with an upper case letter.  Therefore, both the class name and the
  file name (they MUST match) should be changed to LdifViewer.

- Class variables (those associated with the class rather than with a
  particular instance of the class) should be declared using qx.Class rather
  than the long-hand version of the class name.  You can therefore convert the
  declaration of swat.module.ldbbrowse.ldifViewer.empty to qx.Class.empty.
  (When referencing it, however, you do use the long-hand name.  qx.Proto and
  qx.Class are globals set by qx.OO.DefineClass(), and are therefore only
  valid during the loading of the module.)

- The API documentation generator determines public vs protected class members
  by a leading underscore on protected members.  I'm not sure if all of the
  currently public methods are intended to be.

- All of your methods are missing their API documentation. :-)

- The documentation for the class was copied but not modified, so it's

- I'm not sure what you're intending to do with the changeProperty call.  It
  doesn't seem to apply...???

So, nothing yucky, and probably all stuff you'd be fixing up as you progress
anyway.  Let me know if you get stuck on anything.



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