Support for NFS4 ACLs on Suns ZFS Filesystem

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Fri Jan 19 10:40:21 GMT 2007

On Fri, Jan 19, 2007 at 09:47:02AM +0100, Jiri Sasek wrote:
> Currently I am working on this support and I will target it to the 
> samba-3.0.24 which offer the modularized VFS modules for ACL handling. I 
> derived my work from modules/vfs_afsacl.c module which seems to work in 
> very similar conditions.

Vfs_afsacl.c is probably not the right sample to work from.
I think you should much rather look at the vfs_gpfs.c and
vfs_aixacl2.c. I would *very* much like to avoid Solaris
doing the ACL mapping different from the other NFSv4 acl
implementations out there.

> I am not syncing my work with the team but this is the 
> priority in Sun because this problem (missing ACL support on ZFS storage 
> share) is escalated by the big customers of Sun so I hope it will be 
> available in 2-3 weeks when I will start discussion with the 
> team if they will accept my commitment.

Better show us what you have as soon as possible. Doing the
complete mapping on your own without using the mappings in
nfs4_acls.c might not be the best idea.

If you have issues with nfs4_acls.c please raise them here.

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