Support for NFS4 ACLs on Suns ZFS Filesystem

Jiri Sasek Jiri.Sasek at Sun.COM
Fri Jan 19 08:47:02 GMT 2007

Hi Ralf

I am responsible for sustaining of open source products bundled to 
Solaris (located in /usr/sfw/...) and samba among the others.

Support of ACLs on ZFS i problem because the ZFS completely changed the 
ACL model (from posix masks to allow/deny lists) and there is no trivial 
method to convert ACLs between the UFS and ZFS. For more details please 
see the acl(2) man page on Solaris 10 update 2 or higher ...also on 
Solaris Nevada.

Currently I am working on this support and I will target it to the 
samba-3.0.24 which offer the modularized VFS modules for ACL handling. I 
derived my work from modules/vfs_afsacl.c module which seems to work in 
very similar conditions.

I am not syncing my work with the team but this is the 
priority in Sun because this problem (missing ACL support on ZFS storage 
share) is escalated by the big customers of Sun so I hope it will be 
available in 2-3 weeks when I will start discussion with the 
team if they will accept my commitment.



Ralf Aumüller wrote:
> Hi All,
> I asked about NFS4 ACL support for ZFS under Solaris on the Samba
> mailing list and got the answer from Volker Lendecke that there
> will be no support in 3.0.24.
> (see
> Are there any plans to support NFS4 ACLs on ZFS filesystems?
> (because without these feature we can't use ZFS and have to stay with UFS).
> Best regards,
> Ralf

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