svn commit: samba r20519 - in branches/SAMBA_4_0

derrell at derrell at
Thu Jan 4 02:36:13 GMT 2007

tridge at writes:

>  > > +echo "$0: building Web Application Framework (SWAT)"
>  > > +make -C ../webapps/swat distclean build || exit 1
>  > > +
>  > >  echo "Now run ./configure and then make."
>  > >  exit 0
>  > 
>  > Derrell: We can't run make from
> plus that Makefile is quite wrong:
>  - it relies on rsync, which we should not rely upon.
>  - it forces the install to be in
>    /usr/local/samba/share/swat/apps/swat. It should use the paths from
>    configure as was done previously.

As I indicated, that section is not used and will be removed in the next

>  - it relies on python, which we should not rely on

No choice.  That's just the way it is.  Building qooxdoo applications requires

>  - it relies on nice, which we should not use as part of
>    build/install. If a user wants the build to be a lower priority
>    they should use 'nice' themselves, not have it done by a Makefile
>  - it uses chmod +x to make a script executable. Instead it should be
>    made executable in svn and in the distribution

These were just part of the qooxdoo skeleton makefile.  They can be easily

>  - it relies on /usr/bin/env, which could be installed in a different
>    location

We don't want to modify the qooxdoo sdk, so if someone has installed env
elsewhere, it just won't work.  Have you ever seen a system where env is not
installed there?  It's been working with every development environment that
qooxdoo application developers have used.  I've never seen a single complaint
about that on the qooxdoo mailing list.

> Why is this Makefile needed at all?

See my long dissertation on IRC. :-)


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