Howard Chu hyc at
Tue Feb 13 18:45:21 GMT 2007

Andrew Bartlett and I were having a conversation about LDAP APIs and how 
terrible the current one is, and the fact that the Samba team has 
implemented their own. On the OpenLDAP Project we've had redesigning the 
API on our TODO list for a number of years, but there was never enough 
time/energy to get it done. It seems that perhaps now there may be 
enough energy, at least, so I've dug up our old list of API flaws and 
posted it here

I've already invited folks from the Fedora Directory Server team to 
participate in this new design, and I'd like to get input from you folks 
too. Anybody who's done a significant amount of work with LDAP has 
probably cursed the API more than a few times. Let's fix it.

  -- Howard Chu
  Chief Architect, Symas Corp.
  Director, Highland Sun
  Chief Architect, OpenLDAP

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