[SAMBA4] Python Status

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Fri Dec 28 00:06:47 GMT 2007

The support for Python I have been working on for some time now
is now getting close to completion. Provisioning using the 
Python code works now and is being tested. "make test" still uses 
the EJS provision to set up the dc and domain member. 

To try out the Python provision code with make test, export 
"PROVISION_PYTHON=yes". Note that this won't show anything different as the 
EJS and Python provisioning scripts do exactly the same thing.

All of the Python bindings and functions, except for the ones in 
samba.samba3.upgrade, have matching tests.

There are a couple of hosts on the build farm that do not 
have Python installed yet (3 if I remember correctly). I will follow
up on this later.

The following things also still need to be finished before Python can
provide everything that EJS provides right now:

* DCE/RPC bindings: There are no Python bindings generated by pidl
  yet. This is probably the biggest thing at the moment.
* dsdb/samdb/ldb_modules/tests/samba3sam.py doesn't pass yet (port of
* lib/ldb/tests/python/ldap.py doesn't pass yet (port of 
* Install python modules into system. At the moment only the smbpython
  binary is installed, but it would be nice if "ordinary" Python users 
  could also use the Samba python modules.
* SWAT: The web server code still uses EJS. We could probably postpone
  this until after the switch to Python.

However, I'm interested in feedback on the Python code at this point. I
will continue working on finishing the support for Python (hopefully done by 
the first week of the new year..). And I will of course send a
merge request once I'm actually done...



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