Remove unused stuff from winbindd

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Dec 12 07:56:01 GMT 2007


I'd like to remove some unused code from winbindd:

  and WINBINDD_DUAL_NAME2GID are not used at all anywhere.

- WINBINDD_DUMP_MAPS is not used anywhere. Also the disign
  of it is really bad (the client passes a filename and winbindd
  dumps to this file on the local filesystem).

  It would be better to implement a function that returns all mapping
  to the client and the client can display or store the content.

- WINBINDD_DUAL_SIDS2XIDS is disabled (#if 0) currently and I'd like to
  remove it. Unused code is broken code and we can get it easily back
  from the git history.

I think the removal of all related code would make it a bit easier to
overview the tasks of winbindd.

Any objections if I'd remove all related code to the above functions?

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