Better substitution for %a variable for XP64

Nicholas Brealey nick at
Sat Dec 8 23:21:39 GMT 2007

Before bug 4093 was fixed Windows XP x64 edition PCs were identified as 
Windows 2000 (%a expanded to Win2K).
After the fix they are identified as Windows XP (%a expands to WinXP).

This change caused me problems when upgrading from 3.0.24 to 3.0.27a.

Windows XP and Windows XP x64 Edition are very different operating 
systems. Windows XP x64 Edition is really a version of Windows Server 
2003. XP64 and Windows Server 2003 actually share the same SP2: 

Many sites will want to keep separate profiles for XP and XP64.
It was not too bad when XP64 PCs were identified as W2K PCs because 
there are relatively few W2K PCs around but the change to make XP and 
XP64 have the same %a has made things much more difficult.

Please consider the attached patch which makes %a expand to WinXP64 for 
Windows XP x64 Edition PCs. Users who want to share profiles between 
version can not have a %a in their logon path (or perhaps use symbolic 


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