Samba 4 - Join results - r26353

Michele Baldessari michele-lists at
Sun Dec 9 13:29:02 GMT 2007

Hi Samba4 hackers,

I took some time today to test the current samba4 (r26353). Here are the
results of joining 2000, 2003 and XP clients against a SAMBA4 DC:

- 2000 - SUCCESS


- 2003 - FAILURE

At the above links you'll find smbd logs (level 5) and traffic traces.

The Samba4 DC runs on Debian Etch and was configured with the following

It was provisioned with:
./setup/provision --realm=SAMBA4.INT --domain=SAMBA4 --adminpass=pippo
  --server-role='domain controller'

Bind and OpenNTPD are configured correctly, albeit Bind does not have the
reverse zone configured.

I recall Windows XP was joining the Domain successfully a few months

Let me know should you need more info,
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