Trusted Domains: Samba 3.0.26a and Win2k3

Andreas Büsching buesching at
Wed Dec 5 10:37:28 GMT 2007


I've just a simple question: I've tried to configure a bi-directional trustdom 
between Samba 3.0.26a and a Win2k3 server. Logging in with users from the 
Samba Server on Win2k3 works but the other way round does not. Is this a know 
issue? I found something about it in the following HOWTO. Is this the current 
Although Domain User Manager is not present in Windows 2000, it is also
possible to establish an NT4-style trust relationship with a Windows 2000
domain controller running in mixed mode as the trusting server. It should also
be possible for Samba to trust a Windows 2000 server; however, more testing is
still needed in this area.

BTW a trustdom with WinNT works just fine.


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