[Samba] Guide to porting to non-unix like systems?

Green, Paul Paul.Green at stratus.com
Mon Apr 30 12:58:02 GMT 2007

One problem you will have to face is that you have no control over the
clients (on Windows or Linux) that use the SMB protocol to access files
and directories.  For example, you will soon find that the clients
require you to return an accurate file byte size value, and that some
clients (e.g., Windows Explorer) ask for the file status information
over and over.  This isn't exactly a POSIX issue, but it is a
side-effect of the fact that POSIX makes asking for file status
information cheap.  If you can't map the incoming SMB functions to
similarly cheap operations on your proprietary file system, then you
will have a tough time having reasonable performance.

But whether you implement the mapping from Samba to your FS by emulating
a POSIX environment or by writing a VFS layer, it can be done.  As a
wild guess, you are looking at writing a few thousand lines of code.


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