libsmbclient access to Vista shares

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Sun Apr 8 19:24:30 GMT 2007

derrell at writes:

> derrell at writes:
>> I had my first opportunity, yesterday, to test libsmbclient against Vista.
>> It's broken.  We can not enumerate nor access Vista shares.  I was using
>> code from trunk as of Thursday night.  This will likely affect konqueror
>> and gnome's browser, so it'd be nice to get it fixed.
> I just discovered, to my horror, that the examples don't link with the
> libsmbclient library in source/bin; instead they dynamically link with
> whatever is in /usr/local/samba/lib/  So much for a
> meaningful test. :-(
> It's possible that the work that has already been accomplished in making
> Samba interoperate with Vista has fixed the problems.  I'll need to get back
> to an environment with Vista access to test it again.

I managed to get access to the Vista system again.  The changes that have been
made to Samba recently *do* appear to have solved the problems with accessing
Vista.  I'm now able to both enumerate shares and access files on the Vista
machine that was inaccessible during my initial tests.

Interestingly, it's now negotiating NTLMSSP just like it does with W2k, which
it was not doing in my previous tests.

Anyway, it seems that the big problem I thought we had doesn't exist.  That's
nice to know.



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