Fixed exclude_dir in the recycle vfs

Jon Gough jon.gough at
Fri Apr 6 02:26:00 GMT 2007

    I cannot test this change as I get the following error

Apr  6 10:07:25 saturn smbd[3745]:   The module was compiled against 
Apr  6 10:07:25 saturn smbd[3745]:   current SMB_VFS_INTERFACE_VERSION is 16.
Apr  6 10:07:25 saturn smbd[3745]:   Please recompile against the 
current Samba Version!

I have installed samba.Version 3.0.24-3.fc6 from an RPM on my system. 
I have checked out the latest Samba 3.0 release base and compiled 
that. I have taken the module from that and put it into 
the samba runtime area. I have had to remove this due to the error 
above. When will the version 21 of the interface be in the mainstream RPMs?

I presume your change is to make the system look for non-root 
directories and exclude those, ie

recycle:exclude_dir = temp Downloads

will find directories like:


but as I cant test it currently what happens with


Is this excluded as the root of the name is in the exclude list?


Is goodstuff ignored due to matching the 'temp' part of the path?

The code I supplied required

recycle:exclude_dir = temp/ Downloads/

and would find

buy not




However, all subordinate (child) directories would be ignored, ie


would be ignored.


At 05:55 5/04/2007, Jeremy Allison wrote:
>On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 09:39:03AM +1100, Jon Gough wrote:
> > Jerry,
> >    I have not heard from you and I have not seen the change turn up
> > in the SVN source library. I have attached the latest change I
> > supplied again just in case the old one got lost. (this is against
> > the CURRENT 3_0_release base) .
> >
> >    Can you give me some indication of when this fix will either be
> > accepted or rejected.
>Sorry Jon,
>         I'm not too keen on this change. Here is something I
>think might do a more natural fix for the "exclude dir"
>parameter. Can you test it out and let me know please ?

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