smbc_attr_server() and Kerberos/SPNEGO problem ?

derrell at derrell at
Wed Sep 20 06:27:19 GMT 2006

Porlin Kang <porlin2001 at> writes:

> I set the SMB_CTX_FLAG_USE_KERBEROS flag in the smbc
> context. I could authenticate to the share correctly
> and retrieve all the directory entries. 
> However, the SPNEGO login to IPC$ (done by
> smbc_attr_server()) failed because smbc_attr_server()
> calls cli_full_connection() with flags set to 0. Is
> there any way to pass CLI_FULL_CONNECTION_USE_KERBEROS
> in the flag ?
> I set a breakpoint in smbc_attr_server() and noticed
> that cli->use_spnego is True but cli->use_kerberos is
> False. 
>                 cli->use_spnego = False;
>         else if (flags &
>                 cli->use_kerberos = True;
> Is smb_getxattr() supposed to work with
> kerberos/SPNEGO ? Am I missing something ?

Porlin, please post the above information as a bug in bugzilla, and I'll take
a look at it as soon as I get a chance.


libsmbclient maintainer

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